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Red Sky Records        

A Journey A Journey - a 2 CD compilation (2001)
Red Sky CD - RSKCD116

» currently not available

A compilation two CD set. Covering the period 1978-1998, it includes the most requested songs from Johnny's albums not available on CD, the first three albums after Decameron: "Roll On Dreamer", "No Going Back" and "Get Lucky", plus two others, "Line Of Blue" and "Songs on Lonely Roads". Also included are two songs only ever released on charity albums plus a sample of Johnny's work right up to the most recent, "The Shakespeare Songs" (also not available on CD).

The set has 34 songs - 10 of which are previously unreleased or unavailable - songs like New Day, When All Is Said And Done, Never Fly Your Way and We Shall Not Pass, and 12 songs on CD for the first time - such as Rydal, Angelus, Lost In Love With You, Shine Silently and Liberty.
Musicians on the album include previous band members Phil Beer, Matt Clifford, Mike Candler, Steve Dolan with Geoff March and the current band members, Paul Burgess, Mick Dolan, John Broomhall, Trevor Foster and Gareth Sampson.

Disc One: Liberty (3.40); Never Lost For Love (3.35); The Worm Forgives The Plough (3.27); Angelus (3.46); Part In My Heart (4.51); Believe In You (3.52); We Shall Not Pass (3.41); When All Is Said And Done (2.53); Never Fly Your Way (5.12); New Day (4.05); First Time Love (3.36); Celebrate My Life (3.55); Everybody Knows (4.10); This Night The Stars (3.07); Cotswold Lad (2.36); English Morning (3.48); The Holy Brook (3.10).

Disc Two: Rydal (4.20); Lost In Love With You (3.30); Everything To Me (3.38); Pride Of All The Ocean (Bermuda) (4.12); Shine Silently (4.12); Asleep We Are Divided (2.42); On Beacon Hill (3.49); Contrasts (3.23); Songs On Lonely Roads (2.04); It's With You That I Will Stay (3.42); Innocents' Song (4.35); Song For Loders (3.30); River Song (3.23); May Not Be Far Away (5.46); Long Lost Love (4.28); Come Live With Me & Be My Love (5.25); Keep The Flame (6.04).

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